Kinds of Black & White Rabbits


Through the centuries domesticated rabbits have evolved into a popular household pet. With individual personalities, rabbits can make the ideal pet for a dedicated family. Unlike their wild counterparts, who typically have brown or gray coats, domesticated rabbits have a variety of colors of fur. Black and white is a popular color combination for which several breeds, including the Dutch, are known.

Checkered Giant Rabbit

A large breed that is either black or blue and white, female checkered giants typically weigh at least 12 pounds while males weigh a minimum of 11 pounds. However, the breed may grow larger and, as a result of their size, checkered giants require more space, such as a pen or a rabbit-proofed room, in which to live. In addition, large breeds need more space -- a predator-proof outdoor run, for example -- to exercise.


  • Regardless of breed, rabbits require a minimum of four hours each day to run around, to play and to socialize with family members.

Dutch Rabbit

Although Dutch rabbits also may be chocolate, gray or blue and white, black and white Dutch are the most common. First appearing sometime around 1850, the breed got its name from its origin in Holland and is said to be one of the oldest domesticated rabbit breeds. Relatively small rabbits, Dutch typically weigh between 3 1/2 and 5 1/2 pounds. Dutch rabbits have earned a reputation for their laid-back, friendly personalities.

English Spot Rabbit

The English spot earned breed recognition in the United States in 1924. Described as curious, active and friendly, the English spot typically grows to a maximum weight of between 5 and 8 pounds. While grooming a rabbit is necessary regardless of breed, you only need to thoroughly brush your English spot once or twice a week to keep his coat healthy and shiny. However, you will need to brush more often when your rabbit sheds.


  • Rabbits of all breeds require a diet of timothy hay, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and high quality timothy pellets to ensure good health.

Silver Marten

Often black, chocolate or blue, silver marten's typically have a pure white stomach and white and silver peppered through the rest of their black (or other color) coat. An adult female silver marten generally weighs between 7 and 9 1/2 pounds and the male weighs between 6 and 8 1/2 pounds. With their lovable and sweet personalities, silver martens often make an ideal pet.


  • While each rabbit breed may be known for particular characteristics, such as being laid-back, do not expect all rabbits of a particular breed to have the same disposition. Rabbits are as diverse as people and each is unique in his history and personality.

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