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Thread storage presents some challenges, particularly if you are limited on space and have a lot of thread. Sorting the thread by color and type is the first step in the storage process. Keeping the thread organized in the storage container means you can locate the needed thread quickly without digging through spool after spool of thread. Craft stores sell specialty thread holders, but there are other more creative options if you prefer to make your own thread storage.

Mason Jars

  • Mason jars, also known as canning jars, work well for storing thread. Look for larger glass jars with screw-on lids if you have lots of thread. Sort the spools of thread by type or color, depending on your personal preference. The glass jar allows you to easily see inside to find the right shade. If you sort by type of thread, you simply need to spot the correct color and grab it. The glass jars add a decorative touch to a sewing room, as well. Place them on a shelf for display and storage. If each jar holds a different type of thread, make a label for each one to keep them straight.

Plastic Containers

  • Many different plastic containers are available on the market that work well for thread storage. Divided craft boxes are one option. Look for a box that has large enough sections to hold the thread spools. Keep in mind the height of the spools if there are several layers to the plastic craft holder. A tackle box is another option; look for short tackle boxes. Place the thread spools on their sides along the bottom and in the upper tray of the tackle box so you can easily find the one you need. Another option is to write the color and type in large letters on top of each spool if you prefer to stand them upright. Regular plastic storage boxes work in a similar fashion for thread storage. Any of these containers with lids keep the dust out so your thread will stay clean.


  • A pegboard is easy to customize to hold a number of different sewing materials. For thread, use pegboard pegs. Place them in the pegboard at a distance that allows you to easily slide the thread on and off each peg. Arrange the pegs in rows and columns to keep the thread organized.

Drawer Dividers

  • If you have an extra drawer near your sewing machine, use it to store your thread. Drawer dividers help keep the thread spools organized within the drawer. Look at home stores for commercially produced drawer dividers. Alternatively, glue or nail narrow pieces of wood into the drawer to make your own drawer dividers. Make the dividers short enough so you can easily access the thread stored in the drawer. The thread is convenient in the drawer yet out of sight to reduce clutter.

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