Decorating Ideas for Shark Cupcakes


Shark cupcakes make a clever dessert option, whether you host a shark-themed birthday party or a casual backyard beach barbecue. Decorating ideas vary from quick and easy cupcakes that only require spreading frosting, to more elaborate three-dimensional sharks that require cake decorating experience to accomplish. Serve the shark cupcakes with other beach-themed cupcakes, perhaps dipped in graham cracker crumbs with striped candy pieces, to resemble a beach with towels.

Simple Toppers

  • Cupcake toppers achieve maximum impact with minimum effort, freeing you to be a carefree host. Tint buttercream frosting with blue gel food coloring to the shade of ocean water. Squeeze on a swirl of frosting with a star decorating tip -- the ridges in the swirl resemble choppy waves. Alternatively, spread the blue frosting with a spatula. Press the back of a spoon into the frosting and lift straight up, to create the rough texture of waves. Top the blue frosted cupcakes with gummy shark candies, or cut shark shapes from card stock, glue them to toothpicks and insert them in the cupcakes.

Subtle Fins

  • A subtle shark fin sticking out of a cupcake might be an easy decorating option, but it also cleverly represents the ominous feeling of a fin circling in water. Cut curved shark fins from blue, gray or white foam paper sheets. Press them into centers of blue frosted cupcakes. If you prefer completely edible cupcakes, use kitchen shears to cut fin shapes from blue taffy candy, or make the fins from fondant. Take the cupcakes a step further by cutting out shark tails and inserting them horizontally into the cupcakes, just beneath the frosting layer. Top some of the cupcakes with red gummy fish or dessert-flavored fish crackers to make a cupcake feeding frenzy.

Shark Attack

  • Clay-like fondant is easy to shape and manipulate, making it a suitable medium for making three-dimension sharks to lunge out of the cupcakes. Shape a ball of gray, blue or white fondant into a shape somewhere between a cylinder and a cone for the shark's body. Cut out triangle shapes to make the dorsal fin. Attach all pieces to the fondant body base by brushing the back sides of the pieces lightly with water to make the fondant tacky. To make the mouth, cut out a wedge shape and apply a piece of red fondant inside the cutout. Apply small white teeth all around the mouth. Draw eyes with black edible marker or attach small dots of black fondant to the shark. Push the fondant sharks into blue frosting so it appears as if the sharks are jumping out of water.

Two-Dimensional Face

  • This fondant shark lies flat on the cupcake with its sharp teeth and open mouth at center focus. Ice each cupcake with a base layer of buttercream frosting. Roll gray-blue frosting about 1/4 inch thick. Use a rotary cutting wheel to cut out a shape similar to the top end of a surfboard. This shape forms the shark's head and tip of the nose if you were viewing the head from its underside. Cut a slightly smaller piece of white fondant and attach it to the larger piece to make the belly color. Cut out a large mouth shape from red or black fondant, and pointed teeth from white fondant. Attach the mouth to the blue and white pieces. Lay the entire piece on top of the cupcake. Finish with small candy eyes or attach small circles of fondant on the sides to make the eyes.

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