H-P Keyboard Tricks


The Hewlett Packard keyboard has several tricks and shortcuts, for example, selecting text, opening and closing windows, and copying and pasting. Using tricks can help you finish tasks faster and more conveniently. They also can minimize mouse use, which can lead to wrist pain.

Select All, Copy, Paste

  • By selecting "Ctrl + A" on the keyboard, everything in the window, including text, pictures and Web addresses, is highlighted. This trick comes in handy when you want to copy and paste into a different document. For example, to copy an email and paste it into a text document, make sure the email window is active. Select "Ctrl + A" on the H-P keyboard to highlight the text and pictures. Select "Ctrl + C" to copy the information, which is saved temporarily on the pasteboard. Open your text document and place the cursor where you want to insert the text. Hit "Ctrl + V" to paste the information into the text document.


  • "Crtl + X" cuts out text or pictures from the document in which you are working but also retains what was cut on the pasteboard. Highlight the information you want to cut, either by using "Ctrl + A" or by selecting the information with your mouse. Click "Ctrl + X" and the system will cut out the selected information. You can paste what you just cut somewhere else by using the "Ctrl + V" trick. However, if you select new text and hit "Ctrl + X" again before pasting what was cut previously, the paste function for that information will no longer be available.

Find, New, Close

  • For finding specific phrases or words in a document or a browser window, click "Ctrl + F." Type a word or phrase in the Find field, then hit "Enter." If the word or phrase isn't in that browser, you can click "Ctrl + W" to close the previous window and "Ctrl + N" to open a new browser window to try your search again. The popularity of browser tabs makes "Ctrl + N" less useful.

Undo, Save

  • If you delete something unintentionally, the "Undo" trick may save your day. Each time you press "Ctrl + Z," the most recent change you made is reversed. However, once you hit "Ctrl + S" to save your work, the "Undo" function no longer applies to changes before the most recent "Save."

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