What Are the Best Flowers to Plant in a Sunny & Hot Area?


Although all plants need sun to grow, too much sunlight can burn the leaves and dry the soil quickly, causing some plants to suffer. The best flowers to plant in a sunny and hot area are those that grow naturally in those conditions. These flowers will be drought-tolerant and heat-resistant. Water these flowers well the first growing year to establish deep roots and snip off faded blooms to encourage your plant to produce more flowers.

Mexican Sunflower

  • This annual can reach up to 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide. Soft, fuzzy green leaves serve as a background for brilliant orange or yellow flowers. The flowers resemble those of a zinnia or daisy and are large, 3 inches across, and long-lasting in cut flower arrangements. Dwarf cultivars of this plant are available; these grow to only 3 feet tall and wide. Mexican Sunflower is native to Central America and Mexico and thrives in full sun, but it can tolerate partial or filtered shade. It's hardy from zone 5 to 10 and will not tolerate frost. The larger cultivars or Mexican Sunflower do well at the back of the flower bed, behind other plants, as they tend to get somewhat leggy. The flowers of the Mexican Sunflower will also attract butterflies to your garden.

Autumn Fire Stonecrop Sedum

  • This herbaceous plant is a succulent, thriving in the heat and sun. Large pink flowers bloom from late summer into fall. The foliage is a bluish-green and serves as a beautiful contrast to the flowers. Autumn Fire Sedum will grow to 2 feet tall and 18 inches wide. Once established, it needs only occasional watering in dry weather. This flower is beautiful in both dried and fresh flower arrangements.


  • Commonly used in wedding bouquets, Alstroemeria's azalea-like flowers bloom through spring well into fall. The flowers are fragrant and bloom in colors ranging from yellow to pink. This herbaceous perennial grows to 15 inches tall and wide in full sun. Water regularly during the first growing season to assure good root formation. In following years, water when the first 3 inches of dirt is dry. Alstroemeria will need to be divided every two to three years. This plant is beautiful in the front of a border or in a container.

African Iris

  • This evergreen perennial grows to 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide. White flowers with a yellow stripe, resembling an iris, bloom from spring into fall amid dark green, sword-like foliage. The flowers only last a day, but as the plant blooms profusely, the plant is never without flowers during the blooming season. Once established, African Iris is drought-resistant, needing only occasional watering in dry conditions. This plant thrives in full sun in growing zones 8 to 11. Divide your African Iris every two to three years.

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