Burlap Covered Mason Jar Crafts


Mason jars are storage jars made of glass. Some of them have screw-top metal lids, other have glass lids with a rubber lip on a hinge or sits in place with no hinge. Mason jars usually hold anywhere from a pint to a gallon of food or liquid. Many cooks and gardeners use them to hold flour, dried foodstuffs or preserves.

Others, however, like mason jars for other uses. Those partial to rustic or country décor may use their Mason jars for decoration. Some people use them for gift-giving in place of baskets, bags and wrapping paper.

Simple Burlap Flicker Lights

  • Use this craft to light any part of your home. Small versions can be used for night lights, while larger versions may be useful for lighting backyard parties after the sun sets.

    Cut a square of dark- or natural-colored burlap cloth that's as wide and long as your jar is tall. Set your jar in the center of the cloth and wrap the burlap up around your Mason jar. Tie it in place with colorful ribbons and raffia. Set a real or battery-powered candle or tea light inside. The light should glow through the burlap.

    Modify this craft by cutting shapes into the burlap before you wrap the jar. You could even layer a piece of thin, pastel-colored cloth beneath the burlap so the shapes glow with color.

Decorative Scent Jar

  • Scent jars make pretty additions to your décor while helping add pleasant scents to your home. They also make thoughtful and quick gifts.

    Fill a small Mason jar with your favorite potpourri mixture or make your own from dried flowers and fruit slices, small pine cones, wood chips and whole cloves, cinnamon sticks and essential oils.

    Cut a piece of burlap about 3 inches wider than the mouth of your jar. You can cut a circle, square, star shape or scallop the edges, using any color you like. Secure the burlap piece over the open mouth of the jar with a rubber band. Tie ribbons or lace around the jar to hide the rubber band.

    The scent of the potpourri will waft through the burlap's weave while keeping the potpourri safe from pets, children and spillage.

Woven Flower Centerpieces

  • These centerpieces add elegant rustic charm to an outdoor- or country-themed party. They are also very inexpensive, leaving room in your budget to spend more elsewhere. Use quart to gallon-sized Mason jars for this project.

    Cut about five strips of burlap about 1 inch wide and long enough to wrap around your Mason jar. Cut three strips long enough to reach from the lip of your Mason jar, pass under the jar and reach the opposite lip. Wrap the longer strips down, under and up your Mason jar to create six vertical lines on the sides of the jar. Glue the ends of the strips to jar's lip. Weave the five shorter strips in and out of the vertical strips, leaving some of the glass visible.

    Tie ribbons around the lip and use the jars as vases for brightly colored flowers.

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