The Best Makeup Styles for Brown Hair & Green Eyes

Green-eyed brunettes such as Jennifer Connelly and Rihanna have an exotic, mysterious look that can easily be played up with the right makeup styles. To make others go green with envy, it’s a simple matter of working with the right hues of purples, reds and browns that will highlight your coloring.

Green eyed brunette.
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Smoky Plum Eyes

The trick to bringing out your eye color is to choose makeup from the opposite side of the color wheel. Green’s opposite is red, but as red eyes can be unflattering and make you look tired, purple is the next best option. Look for a compact that has three to four shades of plum. Sweep the lightest hue from your brow bone down to the eye crease. Brush the middle shade over the entire eyelid. With the darkest color, color in your eyelid crease. If you have a fourth dark shade, dip an eyeliner brush in it and draw it in over your lashline; you can also use eyeliner for this. Finally top off with two coats of plum or black mascara. Balance your strong eye with just a sweep of clear gloss or a creamy neutral lipstick.

Purple eyeshadow.
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Bronzed Goddess

Look like you just came back from a tropical vacation by giving yourself a faux glow. Apply bronzer to the places the sun would naturally hit, like your forehead, bridge of your nose and apples of cheeks.

Bronzer and brushes.
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Dramatic Red Lips

Brunettes can get away with this classic Old Hollywood look because the dark hair works as a frame to balance color on the face. If you find true red doesn’t flatter, play around with purple-, orange- and brown-based reds. Because the red tones will naturally emphasize green eyes, go easy on them with just a sweep of liquid black liner and a coat or two of mascara.

Red lipstick.
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Spice it Up

Shades like cinnamon, brick, saffron, copper and ginger are the ideal color palette for green-eyed brunettes. Use the colors for lips and cheeks to play up your exotic look.

Eyeshadow palette.
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