Top 10 Books for Young Adults

Books written specifically for young adults are part of a growing genre in literature. For this reason, the American Library Association (ALA) created a subdivision--the Young Adult American Library Services Association (YALSA). Every year the YALSA assembles a Top Ten list of young adult books, including fiction and nonfiction works. Released in January 2010, these Top Ten were picked from 203 nominated works. The list is in no particular order.

  1. "The Demon's Lexicon"

    • Sarah Rees Brennan book "The Demon's Lexicon" is centered around two demon-slaying brothers and their mother. Since their father's murder, the boys have been living on the run in London. As Leah J. Sparks said in her review, "Even teens who don't consider themselves genre buffs will appreciate the solid writing, fast-paced plot, and sense of authenticity that Brennan gives to the shadowy world between ordinary, modern-day London and the otherworld of demons and magicians."

    "The Orange Houses"

    • Paul Griffin writes about Mika, a hearing-impaired teen in the book "The Orange Houses." Mika crosses paths with two other teens in their Bronx neighborhood. The teens join together in an effort to help a disabled veteran and try to get their community involved.

    "The Great Wide Sea"

    • M.H. Herlong writes about two brothers and a father coming to terms with their mother's death in "The Great Wide Sea." In an effort to cope, the father buys a boat to take the teen boys on a yearlong sailing trip. One morning the boys wake up to find their father missing and a storm looming.

    "The Reformed Vampire Support Group"

    • In "The Reformed Vampire Support Group," Catherine Jinks writes about a young vampire, Nina, who has not aged since 1973 but also has not had any fun. She then sets out to prove not all vampires are so-called losers but gets caught in the trap of a werewolf.

    "Alligator Bayou"

    • Donna Jo Napoli writes about American immigration in her book "Alligator Bayou." The book takes place in 1899 in a small southern town, where the Sicilians now live. The family speaks little English and overlooks the racial divide prominent during that time. Their lack of knowledge about southern American behavior causes one of the uncle's goats to be murdered.

    "Stitches: A Memoir"

    • David Small writes about a 14-year-old boy who goes in for surgery and wakes up mute. A shocking surprise reveals David's parents were behind the surgery and the lies of his true illness. At 16 he decides to run away and become an artist.

    "When You Reach Me"

    • Set in New York City in 1979, Rebecca Stead's novel follows Miranda, who is studying time travel inspired by her love of the book "A Wrinkle in Time." Her friendship with Sal suddenly ends, and Miranda then begins receiving notes that accurately predict the future.

    "Marcelo in the Real World"

    • Francisco X. Stork's "Marcelo in the Real World" follows Marcelo, who has Asperger's syndrome and lives in a electric tree house while attending a school for special-needs children. His father forces Marcelo to work in the mail room at his prestigious law firm. The reader grows with Marcelo as he turns from a shy boy into a socialized and independent young man living in the real world.

    "Lips Touch: Three Times"

    • Written by Laini Taylor, "Lips Touch: Three Times" follows three separate characters with different background, personalities and interests. However, they all have one unifying story--the moment of their first kiss.

    "Written in Bone: Buried Lives of Jamestown and Colonial Maryland"

    • Sally M. Waker writes about the Chesapeake Bay area during the Colonial era in her book "Written in Bone: Buried Lives of Jamestown and Colonial Maryland." The book is accompanied by illustrations and pictures on nearly every page. Also, the Smithsonian has an exhibit based on this young adult novel.

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