Bulletin Board Ideas for a School Christmas Theme

Christmas bulletin boards add cheer to the classroom during the holiday season. Many aspects of the holiday lend themselves well to bulletin board designs. Whether you focus on the traditions, symbols or other Christmas topics, the bulletin board can be both entertaining and educational. Getting the kids involved in the Christmas bulletin board displays makes the display more meaningful.

Bulletin Board Ideas for a School Christmas Theme
Bulletin Board Ideas for a School Christmas Theme (Shane Stillings/Demand Media)
Hand Tree

Each child lends a hand to this bulletin board display. The kids each trace one of their hands on a piece of green construction paper and cut it out. Arrange the hands into the shape of a Christmas tree with the fingers pointing down to create the look of pine branches. The students can then make other decorations to add to the hand tree. One simple idea is to have the kids string popcorn. You can easily attach the popcorn garland to the bulletin board display for a festive touch.

(Shane Stillings/Demand Media)

Let the kids turn themselves into elves for the Christmas bulletin board display. You'll need a large picture of each student. Cut out the child's head which will become the face of the elf. The students decorate an elf hat to go on top of their photos. You can also have them create an elf body to go along with the picture. For younger students, create a template for the head and body, so the kids can just decorate and cut them out.

(Shane Stillings/Demand Media)
Christmas Traditions

Traditions are an important part of the Christmas holiday. This bulletin board allows the students to share their family Christmas traditions. Have students write their traditions on die cut shapes with a Christmas theme. Stars, candy canes, trees or stockings work well. The traditions are placed on the bulletin board. Students will enjoy reading the family traditions of their classmates.

(Shane Stillings/Demand Media)
Santa Letters

Combine a writing exercise with the bulletin board display for an educational idea. A large picture of Santa in the middle of the bulletin board creates an attractive display. Students can then each write a letter to Santa. Have them write the rough draft and then copy it into a final draft on decorative Christmas paper. The letters are displayed around the Santa picture to complete the bulletin board display.

(Shane Stillings/Demand Media)
Christmas Around the World

This is another educational bulletin board idea. Many kids aren't familiar with the Christmas celebrations in other parts of the world. To help them understand the differences, write descriptions of the Christmas celebrations in different parts of the world. Include pictures when possible. A large world map makes a fitting background for the bulletin board. Place the descriptions and pictures near the country on the map.

(Shane Stillings/Demand Media)
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