Fun Christmas Gifts for Couples

Whenever a single friend becomes a couple, friends and family often wonder if they should get individual gifts for both parties or one gift that both people can use. This largely depends on the couple's preferences. If you have friends who like a single gift, you may ultimately save a little money while still being thoughtful if you give the couple a combination gift. These gifts don't have to be huge or expensive, just something the couple can enjoy together.

  1. Romantic Board Games

    • Many specialty stores, both online and off, sell romantic board games for couples. If you are particularly close to the couple, this may be a perfect gift. Many of these games contain challenges to help the couple grow closer and add some romance to an evening. Examples include "Tell your significant other your favorite childhood memory," and "Kiss for one minute." Many of them also include dice and spinners printed with romantic activities.

      New couples may love these games because they are adventurous and will help the pair get to know each other better. Couples that have been together for a while may also like them because they add an element of surprise and something new to the relationship.

    Couples' Gift Basket

    • If you know both members of the couple very well, you can put together a "pamper each other" gift basket. Include in the basket tins of the couple's favorite tea or packets of cocoa, a bottle of their favorite wine, beer or other spirit, a scented candle with aromas like mint or vanilla, massage oil with instructions for massaging each other's hands and feet and a comfy heated blanket. If the couple are movie buffs, get a few videos that both would love. You can also include accessories like glasses or mugs for the beverages you include, recipes for two along with a few dry ingredients and each person's favorite candy. Place everything in a large, decorative box or basket, lining it with the blanket and arranging the other things on top. Wrap it up in cellophane and finish with ribbon.

    Couples Experiences

    • There are many activities for which you can purchase tickets or gift certificates to give to your couple. These gifts are a bit more expensive, ranging from $150 to more than $300, but some events may discounted if you register early or give deals at certain times of the year.

      Get couple's certificates for everything from spa days to bed-and-breakfast weekends to theater productions. If your couple likes more non-traditional events, get them a hot-air balloon ride, pay for a single fencing or dancing class, or get tickets to watch or swim with the dolphins. This gift is only limited by your imagination and possibly your budget.

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