The Advantages of Desktop Computers

Desktop computers are being overshadowed by their lighter, better looking and more mobile counterparts. Users want to have the ability to go wherever they want which only portable computers can give them. Despite disadvantages such as bulkiness, weight and aesthetics, desktop computers have various advantages over both laptops and notebook computers including price and accessibility.

  1. Less Expensive

    • The price of a personal computer (PC) has been steadily going down both for laptop or notebook PCs, as well as desktop computers. Despite the fact that both notebook and desktop prices have decreased, you will still get a better desktop for less money than a notebook. According to, as of 2010, a standard desktop PC with fairly moderate features such as 1GB ready access memory (RAM) and 160GB hard drive will cost you less than $300. According to the same website, a laptop which has features that can replace your desktop will cost you at least $700.

    Easy to Upgrade

    • Upgrading the memory, hard drive or most other components of your desktop PC require minimal understanding of the way in which the computer works. Also, when you open up your desktop's tower, you will see that there is plenty of room to move around to remove and/or replace parts. This is not the case with notebook or laptop PCs which are generally more difficult to take apart and move around in. Some parts of your notebook or laptop PC, such as the video card, central processing unit (CPU) are so difficult to get to that taking the computer to a professional is highly advisable.

    Less Accessories Needed

    • Though mobile PCs such as notebooks and laptops are basically one, completely integrated unit, desktop PCs will not require accessories such as portable charging cords or batteries. Also, because desktops are easier to upgrade than mobile PCs, accessories such as external hard drives and external disc drives are generally not needed. Finally, the accessories which a desktop does need, such as a monitor, speakers, keyboard and mouse, are either included in the price of the computer or very inexpensive.

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