Scholarships & Grants for Adopted Children


Various organizations within the United States offer grants and scholarships to adopted children. Most of these grants are focused on providing these children the opportunity to pursue higher education. However, others emphasize independent living and cultural contribution. Whatever the purpose, adopted children have myriad choices and many can easily find a scholarship or grant program suitable for their individual needs.

Wave Goodbye to Tuition

  • Various states’ governments offer tuition waivers to adopted children. Adopted children can use these waivers for universities, community colleges and vocational colleges. Because the details of these waivers vary by state, the eligibility of an adopted child can also vary by state. For example, some such waivers require the applicant to demonstrate financial need. Families of adopted children should seek the assistance of professionals within the government bodies to which these waivers belong to gain a full understanding of to whom these waivers apply.

Scholarly Orphans

  • Some nongovernmental programs can help adopted children, regardless of their residence. The Orphan Foundation of America is perhaps the most prominent of these organizations, offering college scholarships to adopted children throughout the entire United States. High school students with an “orphaned past” -- literally past foster care -- can apply online for such a scholarship. Once she verifies her status as an adopted child, she may receive a scholarship to cover her college tuition and living expenses.

Moving on

  • While not directly for school, the Independent Living program can provide adopted children with money needed to continue moving forward in life. With the purpose of helping children successfully transition from the foster care program, the U.S. Department of Social Services runs the Independent Living program across the United States. An adopted child can apply for this program when he moves out of his foster parents’ home, which often corresponds with moving onto college. Though its specifics vary by state, the Independent Living program can provide these children with funds for living and education.

The Benefits of a Melting Pot

  • Some programs offer grants and scholarships specifically to children who were adopted from overseas. While the basics of such grants don’t differ much from state-based grants, the emphasis and eligibility criteria do. When applying for such a grant, applicants must prove that their birthplace was not inside the United States. In addition, some programs request applicants to explain how the granted funds will be used to improve the diversity and international community in the United States.


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