Fruit Crafts for Kids

Fruit crafts add a creative touch to healthy eating educational programs. There are many simple kids' crafts that fit the fruit theme. Most of the crafts only require basic craft supplies, making them easily accessible for the home or the classroom. Displaying the fruit crafts reminds the kids of the importance of filling up on nutritious foods.

  1. 3D Fruit

    • These simple paper fruits work well on their own or as part of a mobile. You'll need two identical pictures of a fruit. For example, you might cut two ovals from green paper to make a watermelon. The kids can add details to the pictures as desired. To put the two pieces together in a 3D shape, cut a slit down the middle of each half leaving each one intact at one end. On one picture, you'll cut from top to bottom. On the other, cut from bottom to top. Slide the fruit pictures together using the slits. Hold them together with a piece of tape.

    Fruit Stamps

    • Real fruit works well as simple stampers for painting. Apples and pears work particularly well for this craft. Slice the fruit in half from top to bottom. Press a craft stick into the uncut side of the fruit; it'll serve as a handle for easier stamping. Let the kids dip the cut side of the fruit into a plate of tempera paint and then press it onto a piece of paper. The shape of the fruit transfers to the paper for a simple fruit painting.

    Fruit Wands

    • Fruit wands are simple and entertaining for kids to make. A wooden dowel creates the handle for the wands. You can cut the dowels to any length you want. Another option is to use a paper towel tube as the wand handle. Let the kids paint the dowels or tubes. Cut fruit shapes from craft foam for a more durable wand. The kids can add accents to the fruit shapes as desired. Glue them to the top of the dowel or paper towel tube. You can also add ribbon dangling from the wand for additional decoration.

    Clay Fruit

    • Clay or self-hardening playdough works well for this simple fruit craft. The kids use the clay or playdough to mold their own 3D fruits. Having some real fruit on hand provides a reference for the kids. Another option is to roll the playdough flat and use fruit-shaped cookie cutters to create fruits. Poke a hole at the top so you can hang them from string. Once the clay or playdough hardens, the kids can paint them in the corresponding colors to make them look more like fruit.

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