Indiana Rules About Scooters & Mopeds

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Rules of the road in Indiana vary for people riding scooters or mopeds. Scooters are classified as motorized vehicles intended for one person to ride that have a seat for the driver (but not a saddle), two wheels and a floorpad. Mopeds are classified as vehicles intended for one rider with two or three wheels and are restricted to a rating not over two horsepower, 50 cubic centimeter and not exceeding 25 miles per hour by design. Scooters are sometimes classified as mopeds, depending on design. Indiana rules about scooters and mopeds are as follows.


  • Neither scooters nor mopeds are classified as motorcycles unless engines exceed limits of a cylinder capacity of over 50 cc, engine power more than two horsepower or design speed over 25 miles per hour. Riders do not need motorcycle licenses unless their motorized vehicles exceed the above limits. To ride a scooter or moped in the state of Indiana, riders must be at least 15 years of age and possess a valid Indiana driver's license or identification card.

Safety Information

  • Indiana moped and scooter laws require riders to operate vehicles under 25 miles per hour at all times. Drivers must not ride mopeds or scooters on interstate highways or sidewalks. Indiana residents 15 years of age and older can legally operate mopeds or scooters while in possession of a state-issued driver's license or identification card, but drivers under the age of 18 must wear helmets and eye protection (glasses, goggles or face shields). Brakes are required that can decelerate 14 feet per second. Riders must stay on the right side of the road while driving.

Vehicle Registration

  • Registration for mopeds and scooters vary depending on how they are classified. If classified as a motorcycle, motorized vehicles must be licensed as such. In the state of Indiana, owners must register mopeds and obtain valid registration, license plates and titles for the vehicles. Registrations can be purchased and renewed at Indiana state BMV branches.



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