Children's Activities on the Seven Sacraments

It is important to teach children the importance of the seven sacraments as a part of the Catholic Church--baptism, the Eucharist, reconciliation, confirmation, marriage, holy orders and anointing of the sick. These ceremonies not only point to what is sacred in Christianity, but also provide a means of ritual so that transitions within the faith are smoother and more special for the individual and community. Activities that gently educate kids about these sacraments will give them a better understanding of their meaning and importance.

  1. Seven Sacraments Bingo

    • Help kids remember what all seven sacraments are and what they mean by playing this fun bingo game. Give each child a bingo card that has 16 squares. Tell them to write down one of the seven sacraments on each square at random until all the squares are filled. Give each person a handful of buttons or coins to mark their spots during the game. Call out one of the seven sacraments at random until someone marks four sacraments in a row. When a player yells "Bingo!," ask him to stand and recite all seven sacraments with a brief explanation of each one. Consider giving a prize to the winner.

    Seven Sacraments Interview

    • Assign each child one of the seven sacraments. Tell them it is their job to find an adult who has completed that sacrament and interview them. For example, if a child gets the sacrament "holy orders," he must speak to a priest. Tell the children that they are responsible for coming up with a list of questions to ask this person. They must compile the answers to the interview and present them to the class.

    Seven Sacraments Collage

    • Ask children to pick one of the seven sacraments and write a list of adjectives that they think of in connection to this sacrament. For example, baptism could trigger words like "rebirth" or "renew" or even "water." Help children brainstorm as needed. Give the children stacks of magazines and tell them to cut out pictures of images that directly or indirectly connect to their lists of words. Let them write the name of the sacrament they chose on a sheet of construction paper and glue their pictures in a collage around the sacrament.

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