Different Types of House Cats

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House cats are the second most common pet in the world. Although cats often have an independent nature, they still depend on human caretakers for food, shelter, affection and veterinarian care. Cats excel as apartment pets because of their limited space requirements. The Humane Society of the United States suggests that all cats remain inside-only pets, to ensure the cat's safety and security. There is a wide variety of cat breeds available for purchase as pets. Each breed offers its own looks and personality.


Persian cats have exceptionally long, thick fur in a wide variety of colors, and a unique pug-like face. The cat's personality is laid back, relaxed, sweet and loving. The Persian adores being brushed and pampered. Persian cats are not fond of climbing, so they very rarely will become a nuisance on shelves and kitchen counters. Their abundant fur requires daily brushing and care.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon cat is a large, natural North American cat breed. The breed comes with a heavy, water-resistant coat in many colors and patterns. The cat's personality is loving, but it is not really a "lap cat," partly thanks to its very large size. The Maine Coon prefers to be close to its owners but not attached. They enjoy playing and are considered a moderately active breed.

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair cat dates its history back to Roman times. The cats are rare in the United States but quite popular in Britain. British Shorthairs have a very easy-going personality. The cats are not exceptionally vocal and they greatly enjoy the companionship of their owners. The British Shorthair is not overly active and does not like to climb. The cat's body is large and quite solid.

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue cat can trace its history back to the 1860s. Many believe that the cat breed originated in Russia. The breed has a very unique short, gray coat that is dappled in silver. The coat's unique density makes the hairs stand out from the body for an overall shimmering appearance. Russian Blue cats are known for their sweet dispositions. The cats are exceptionally clean. They are a shy cat and can take time to warm up to their owners. The cats tend to hide from strangers.

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