Christmas Roof Decorating Ideas


Christmas is the time of year when people set out to light up their homes in colors of the season with lights, statues and other decorations. The lawn and the porch are two places that people commonly put Christmas lights, but aside from running a string of lights along the eaves the roof is not a place many people venture. There are many different ways you can decorate your roof for Christmas. Just be sure you take all necessary safety precautions including doing all of your roof climbing in the daylight so you can see what you are doing.

Santa and His Reindeer

  • That same display in your yard that features Santa Claus and his reindeer will have a much greater effect on your roof. Use L-brackets from the local hardware store and some galvanized screws to hold the pieces in place and it will look like Santa has landed on your roof for Christmas. Be sure that the pieces are no more than 18 inches high to avoid having the wind blow them over and damage your roof.

Santa on the Chimney

  • There are many different Santa figures and large plastic lawn decorations that give the impression that Santa is climbing down a chimney. Use some rope to tie one of those to your chimney and give it a real Christmas effect. Be sure you do not block the chimney opening as dangerous carbon monoxide fumes could get into your house.

Christmas Tree

  • A small plastic Christmas tree would add some Christmas cheer to your roof. This effect works best on the lower level of a roof where some protection from the wind can be offered by the walls of the house. Avoid anchoring the tree directly to the roof with L-brackets. Instead, tie it off with rope to hold it in place. This way you can put rope higher up on the tree to hold it in place better. Use the L-brackets as anchors for the ropes.

Blow-Up Figures

  • Large blow-up figures of Santa, snowmen and reindeer are becoming more popular. You can use the same lower level roof effect as the Christmas tree to also use blow-up figures on your roof. These figures are light enough to be installed safely on your roof, and they already come with the proper anchoring hooks to install the rope to hold them in place.


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