Ways to Raise Money to Pay Bills

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When your bills are piling up and you are out of money, you need to find ways to raise cash. There are some predictable ways and some unusual ways to raise money for your bills. Not all are recommended, but you do what you have to, depending on your situation. After you get through your current financial situation, get an emergency fund started so you can avoid this predicament next time.

Get a Part-Time Job

Get a part-time job where you will get tips (serving, bar tending) so you can get money in your pocket right away. This can help you raise money for your bills as soon as you start working and you will have a paycheck one to two weeks from now. Part-time jobs are a great way to make some extra money.

Get Crafty

Use your craft talents to make and sell items. It could be stuffed animals, clothing or jewelry. You can sell your crafty items on Etsy, a website dedicated to talented vendors.

Sell Your Parking Spot

If you have an extra parking spot that you don't use, you can sell or rent out the spot to a neighbor. If you rent an apartment, be sure to check with your landlord first. Check local businesses to see how much they charge employees for a parking permit. You could take that price and cut it in half. Offer that price to your neighbors.


Babysitters can make up to $10 an hour. Offer to babysit your family and friends' kids for them. You could do this on a regular basis, or offer to babysit so the parents can have a night out alone.

Mow and Shovel

Do some odd jobs such as mowing grass, raking leaves, shoveling snow, taking out the trash, taking trash to the dump, weeding gardens, and washing cars. There are many tedious jobs around the house that others don't want to do and would be happy to pay you for.

Search for Change

There is always change lying around. Check your vehicle, your sofa, your wallet or purse, and where you leave your keys. That change can really add up. Bring it all to the bank to get it turned into dollars, or have it deposited into your account.

Return Purchases

Return any purchases you have made in the past couple of weeks. You will need your receipt to get a full cash refund, but it will be worth it. It will also help you realize that you might be spending more than you should be.

Have a Yard Sale

Get all that junk you don't want or don't use anymore and schlep it out onto the front lawn. Sell your stuff: clothing, jewelry, books, furniture, toys, and games. Put out signs the day of the yard sale to guide more people to your sale.

Sell Scrap Metal

Sell your scrap metal to your local waste or recycling center. This includes anything made of metal such as tools, pans, screws, and car parts. You can raise some money to pay your bills this way.

Become a Guinea Pig

Sign up for a medical study or test. This can be risky, as you could be testing a new medication that might have some side effects. Check with your local hospital to see what medical studies you can get involved in. Weigh the risks before you agree to test anything.

Pawn Your Stuff

If you have leftovers from your yard sale, or cannot have a yard sale, you can visit a local pawn shop to sell your stuff. Some good items to sell to a pawn shop are movies, jewelry, electronics, video games, and musical instruments.

Sell Your Plasma

If you live in a city, you can sell your plasma twice a week to clinics seeking to buy it. You can raise about $35 per plasma sale, which can add up nicely to help pay bills. Plasma is used to treat burns and trauma and is always in need.

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