Jewelry Display Ideas for Street Vendors

Selling jewelry as a street vendor can be difficult, especially if you are working with a large inventory—you have to find a display method that is easy to transport, set up, and tear down. At the same time, this display must be attractive and organized to draw in potential customers. Despite this dilemma, there are creative ways to set up a creative, yet efficient, jewelry display on the street.

  1. Repurposed Earring Display

    • Earring displays are determined by the structure of the earrings you are selling. For example, pieces on a hook fixture need to be displayed differently than studs. One vendor, from Richmond Craft Mafia, found an imaginative method for arranging her homemade earrings—she took a large trunk, stood it on its side (open), and attached tight strands of ribbon from side to side. This allowed her to hang her earrings (already on display cards) from the strips of ribbon. This method is not only visually appealing, but also practical, as it is simple to close up the trunk and transport the merchandise back home. You can turn any old suitcase into an innovative display.

    Necklace Displays

    • Your method of displaying necklaces is largely determined by how many you have. If you are putting out only a few ornate pieces, showcase them on a bust—this makes them more of a focal point, rather than keeping them crowded close together. Moreover, there are online tutorials for making your own busts, so that you do not have to shell out a lot of money in purchasing them from a distributor. If you have a larger quantity of necklaces that you want to showcase, consider hanging them from a pegboard, which could be spruced up by covering it in a decorative fabric. Or use a large photo frame to display your necklaces, using pins to hang them on.

    Bracelet Displays

    • Since bracelets are similar in structure to necklaces, use the same method of hanging them from a pegboard or inside a photo frame. To display only a few bracelets and draw more attention to them, consider using a long, elbow-length glove (preferably made of a sturdy material, like leather), stuffed with newspaper or another inexpensive material. Place the bracelet on the wrist of the glove to showcase the piece in action. If you have extra money to spend on building your display, order a hand display or bracelet display tray from an online distributor.

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