Bathroom Sit-Down Vanity Ideas


Sit-down vanity ideas for the bathroom create a special area for you to style your hair and apply your makeup. The sit-down vanity, also known as a dressing table, usually consists of a desk, chair and mirror. The furniture can be a free-standing, or it can be built-in as part of the room. When it comes to vanity ideas for the bathroom, it is important to use materials that can withstand humidity and rapid changes in temperature.

Classic Vanity Ideas

  • Classic sit-down vanities for the bathroom are usually made from treated wood with a matching chair and mirror frame. Use rich maple and an Elizabethan style to create a formal wooden sit-down vanity. Upholster the round stool with burgundy brocade fabric. Use gold drawer handles and a gold mirror frame. Add a few gold containers that hold basic beauty items, such as cotton balls, to the top of the vanity.

    Another classic dressing table style is a vanity with a hard top and sides draped with soft fabric. The matching stool or chair is usually round and topped with a cushion seat. Use pink chiffon fabric, a pink velvet cushion, white marble drawer faces and white marble top to create a sit-down vanity. Add white marble drawer handles and an oval mirror set in a thin, pink marble frame for a feminine style.

Modern Vanity Ideas

  • Modern sit-down vanity ideas for the bathroom tend to be built-in to create a fluid design line. Built-in or free-standing, the dressing tables suit many different kinds of modern style. Use a glass-topped, stainless steel vanity with large drawers down each side to create a clean feel. Add a sleek, rectangle, stainless steel chair and a thin, steel framed, rectangle mirror.

    Use a gently rounded, black wood dressing table with silver bar drawer handles for a big city feel. Add a round, silver framed mirror and a gently rounded chair with a black pleather cushion. Another big city style is a thin, twisted, black metal vanity with two small drawers on one side. Add a plain, twisted, black metal stool and a simple, square, metal framed mirror for a minimalist style.

Colorful Vanity Ideas

  • Create a sit-down vanity with a cheerful feel by using a jade-green wood table with three drawers down each side and an open area for sitting in the middle. Cover the sides and back of the dressing table with white, jade and pink striped linen gathered into heavy folds. Add a square, white bench skirted with the gathered linen and a white, wood-framed, square mirror. Add rustic white wood or pink pottery containers to hold basic beauty supplies.

    Use a dark blue, two-drawer dressing table topped with a sunflower tile mosaic to create a Tuscan style. Pair the vanity with a blue chair, sunflower tile drawer handles and a mirror framed with blue-edged sunflower tiles. Add some sunflower decorated boxes, jars and other containers to hold basic beauty items.

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