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When people talk about painting their car wheels, they are usually referring to painting their rims and not the actual tires themselves. Painting your rims can lend character to your car and help it to stand out in a crowd. If your rims have lost their shine and look dull, it is also a way to give them a new lease on life if you do not want or cannot afford to replace them. Thinking about how you want to paint your rims ahead of time will make the process itself go much more smoothly, and you will be more likely to enjoy the end result.

Match Your Car Color

  • One way to give your rims a new lease on life is to match them to the color of your car. As with any rim paint job, you will need to remove the tires, as well as clean, sand, degrease and prime the surface prior to painting. Your auto manufacturer might sell auto paint matching your car's color that you can use on your rims. If matching paint is not easily available, color test a few colors from leading automotive paint manufacturers to find a close match. Remember to use multiple light coats rather than one thick coat of paint and to protect the surface of anything that you do not want to paint.

Black or Metallic

  • If you do not want your rims to match the color of your car, you might think about painting them a neutral black or metallic that would add polish to your car's look without standing out. If you are using black paint, be sure to also use a black primer. Metallic paints vary greatly in quality; some look like actual metal, while others look fake. Try out a few paints to see what looks most realistic and remember to use a high-gloss top coat to enhance the look of any metallic rim paint.

Airbrushed Designs

  • Airbrushed designs are another way to give your rims character and make them truly stand out in the crowd. Choose a neutral base color such as black, metallic or cream. Choose a stencil design such as flames, stars or a particular sports team's logo. Ensure that you are familiar with airbrushing and understand how to tape the stencil to the rim and paint without getting paint where you do not want it. Using a variety of bold colors will help your rims shine whether your wheels are parked or in motion.

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