Ideas for a 1980s Theme Float


The 1980s were a great time for many people. It was a decade of neon-colored clothes, family sitcoms, glam rock bands and Pac-Man. As a result, many people who grew up during this decade love to relive the 1980s any way they can. There are 1980s theme parties and even TV channels dedicated to showing programs from that decade. If you are thinking about participating in a parade, one of the ways you can celebrate the decade is by creating a 1980s theme float.

Berlin Wall Float

  • One of the most significant world events that occurred during the 1980s was the fall of the Berlin Wall. This event occurred at the end of the decade in 1989 and it still carries significance today for people who remember why the wall was constructed in the first place. Your Berlin Wall float could consist of a wall built from paper-mache that looks like it is halfway torn down. People on the float could have pretend sledgehammers and act like they are chipping away at the wall just like they did when the real wall was torn down. You could also have a person representing Ronald Reagan and have him repeat the phrase, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" over the float's speakers.

Pac-Man Float

  • Pac-Man was and still is a popular video game. It came out of the 1980s and people who lived during that time often pay big money for Pac-Man video games so they can relive a part of their childhood. If you are planning a 1980s theme float, you could break your float into several pieces. There could be three or four small floats in the front designed to look like the ghosts from the Pac-Man video game. If you do not have the resources to make these into floats, someone can dress up like the ghosts. The float behind them could be shaped like Pac-Man as the ghosts try to get away. If you have the time and resources, you can even make Pac-Man's mouth move up and down as if he is eating pellets along the way.

Thriller Re-Enactment

  • People are as interested in Michael Jackson's Thriller video today just as much as they were when it came out in 1983. Your 1980s float could be the hit of the parade if you can find several people willing to dress like zombies and dance in synchronization. One person can also wear a red jacket and dress like Michael Jackson's character in the video. Be sure to blare the song as you pass by the spectators. You may even be surprised how many people join in with the dance along the parade route.

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