Activities for Middle-School Librarians

Throughout grade school, children learn how to use libraries in a broad sense. But in middle school, students are better introduced to the basics of research and how to properly find resources in the library. Librarians can incorporate various interactive events into routine library visits that will get the attention of middle-school students and even spark their interest in literacy and research.

  1. Library Scavenger Hunt

    • Plan a library scavenger hunt. This activity teaches middle-school students the foundations of research. Give students a series of questions, and set a specific time limit in which students must answer all questions correctly. No right or wrong way exists for planning this scavenger hunt, as long as the students are engaged and learning how to do research. Scavenger hunts could be themed, such as "Reading Trivia." An example of a question in this particular theme could be, "Who wrote the Harry Potter series?" Students will locate a Harry Potter book on the library shelf and answer accordingly.

    Readers' Theater

    • Incorporate a Readers' Theater activity into a middle-school lesson. Readers' Theater is a literacy activity in which students read directly from scripts. No props are necessary to participate in the activity. Readers' Theater is a way to mix literacy with acting and performing arts. Choose a Readers' Theater script that is appropriate for middle-school students, and assign them characters to portray. This activity gives students a chance to participate in hands-on learning. Many Readers' Theater scripts are available online.

    Book Reviews

    • Introduce the concept of book reviews, and have the students write their own critiques. Show the students examples of book reviews written in magazines or online publications, then ask them to each check out a book from the library and complete a review of the book in a specific amount of time. Explain the difference between a book report and a book review, and encourage the students to have fun writing a positive or negative review.

    Book Club

    • Host a middle-school book club. Let students choose the book they want to read, and meet with the students weekly to discuss the current book choice. To make the book club more enjoyable, encourage the students to dress up as their favorite characters, or provide refreshments that tie in with the book.

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