List of Types of Diamond Mining Jobs

The diamond trade has been implicated in environmental devastation as well as human rights abuses, but the world’s appetite for the precious stones remains. The largest diamond producers have worked hard to clean up the image of the trade, and the UN has played watchdog to ensure that this happens. That creates a balance in terms of consumer perception, and though there are still many problems in the industry and protests against it around the globe, the large producers are still thriving, so that means there are many career opportunities in those countries that are rich in diamonds.

  1. Underground Miners

    • These are the dirty jobs that make the diamond trade possible. There are dangers involved, as there are in any mining job, but the pay can be substantial as a result. Most large producers will require several years experience to get on, and they generally work on a two weeks in, two weeks out rotation.

    Mine Tech

    • The tech generally reports to the senior geologist and she assists in mapping, sampling and underground monitoring. Expertise in geology, core logging and environmental monitoring is required and is usually acquired at a related technical college with a two- or three-year program. This is an underground job, so mining experience in general and underground mining experience in particular are generally prerequisites.

    Mining Superintendent

    • The mining superintendent is like the foreman in a warehouse. He plans logistics, submits progress and budget reports, supervises miners and wrangles equipment in a way that meets efficiency goals and workplace standards. Many years of experience are required to get hired at this level. Most superintendents work their way up with the same company over the course of many years.

    Mine Engineer

    • The engineer plans operations and creates or evaluates systems in order to maximize the mine's efficiency and safety. A BS in Mine Engineering or Engineering Geology is required, as well as extensive practical experience underground.

    Above-Ground Jobs

    • There are a number of above-ground opportunities that demand fewer requirements, such as warehouse clerks, camp assistants and human resources personnel. These jobs are just like jobs in any other industry in terms of danger level and education or experience required, but if you like the idea of being in the diamond trade, these are ways to get in without having extensive mining experience or advanced degrees.

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