Dance Team Gifts

Creating and giving gifts for dance team members is a common tradition, often implied as a celebration before an important competition. If you are a parent or a member of a dance team and are looking for creative gift ideas for each girl, there are a variety to choose from. Practical and fun gifts help celebrate the team's spirit and success.

  1. Hair Clips

    • Buy a few packs of inexpensive hair clips at your local dollar store and combine them with a few finishing touches to create matching hair clips for all of the girls on the team. Adhere ribbon and glitter in the team colors to the clips using a hot glue gun. Not only do these make a fun gift, they are also practical as most team members are required to wear their hair up during competition.

    Team Photo Frame

    • If the dance team you are creating gifts for has a team photo, purchase inexpensive unfinished frames to showcase them. Purchase a fun scrapbook paper that is the team's colors and adhere it to the frames. Many craft stores sell a variety of dance-themed stickers you can also purchase and add on as a special touch. Use ribbon and glitter as finishing touches. Complete the frames by adding a copy of the team photo.

    Refillable Water Bottles

    • Refillable water bottles are a practical gift for members of a dance team. Buy solid, opaque colored bottles in the dance team's colors. Write the name of the dance team on one side of each bottle and each girl's name individually on the other side.

    Digital CDs

    • If you or any other parents have photos of the team practicing or competing, combine the photos and import them into Windows Movie Maker. Using the Windows Movie Maker program, create a slideshow complete with music. Choose songs that are team favorites or are inspirational and add them into the slideshow. Burn the finished product onto a CD or DVD.

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