Inexpensive Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Cabinet Alternatives


For whatever reason, you need more storage. For many people, that means buying more cabinets. But cabinets are expensive and irritating to install. Wall-mounted and adjustable shelving, utensil caddies attached to rods and magnetized spice jars are relatively inexpensive projects, jut out less from the wall and are something that most people with a tool box can do.

Wall-Mounted Shelving

  • Open shelving is easy to install and can hold anything that a cabinet can. All you need are two metal standards, a few shelves and two brackets that can be screwed to the bottom of the shelves for each shelf you want to put up. Using metal standards will allow you to adjust the shelves as your needs change, a plus in a kitchen. Install the metal standards at the studs for more convenience. Otherwise, you are also going to need hollow wall anchors. This project will cost less than $100.

Rods and Utensil Caddies on the Wall

  • If the reason that you don't want to install cabinets is that your available space isn't big enough for cabinets, than installing rods and utensil caddies may be the right thing for you, especially if you don't mind having the items that are going to be stored out in the open. You are going to need a rod for every row you wish to have, a few cutlery caddies with slightly flared rims, thin wire cable and ferrules to tie off the cable with. Install the rod to the wall. Run the wire cable along the lip of the canister and attach it to the rod in loops with the ferrules. It has to be very tight.

Magnetized Spice Racks

  • Magnetized spice racks make spices easy to find. All you'll need are small matching containers with clear tops for each spice you use, a strong magnet for each jar, a hot glue gun and a metal sheet the size of all your jars put together to be mounted on the wall. Alternatively, just use a flat, metal bar. Hot glue the magnets to the bottom of the jar and attach the metal to the wall. Or, you can make the project cheaper and stick the spices to the side of the refrigerator. Don't store them above the stove, as they will lose some of their flavor from the heat.


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