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Youth advocates are employed in a variety of sectors: You can find this job description posted on the career boards of varying levels of government, typically in departments related to social service, education and youth, and also within the not-for-profit arena in organizations working to advance causes related to youth. Private sector bodies also have youth advocates that they may use in an effort to understand particular nuances of the youth market and help them connect with a target market.

  1. Education

    • The level of education required to be a youth advocate varies according to the particular job. For some entry-level jobs, such as some that involve marketing to young people, an undergraduate degree or simply related skills and experience may be all that is required. Some youth advocated may even be college or university students in a particular job. Other youth advocate positions may require an advanced or professional degree, such as a law degree, that relates to a position working in the judicial system on behalf of youth.

    Skills and Responsibilities

    • A youth advocate should have strong public speaking skills and should be an effective lobbyist. Youth advocates use oral and written communication skills, strong relationship management capabilities and a highly developed knowledge of stakeholders specific to the employer to ensure the cause they champion is presented appropriately publicly and that it gets support.

    Daily Life

    • The daily life of youth advocates will vary: they may meet with stakeholders, join committees and attend conferences, and also meet with young people in their constituency. The youth advocate will also share information with the senior management and even executive team of the organization and note how issues of the day are affecting youth within the organization or particular community.


    • The salary for a youth advocate will vary depending on the employer and whether the job is an entry-level position or higher up. Some positions for a youth advocate may also be voluntary, community-based appointments and some may be consultant-style roles where the youth advocate bills at a per-hour rate.

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