Disciplinary Action Ideas for Elementary & Middle School Students

Disciplining children, in particularly those who are elementary and middle school students, can help them grow into healthy, well-adjusted adults. There are several different ideas for effective disciplinary actions that coincide with different types of behaviors. Make sure each student knows the expectations for correct behavior, and that if the student chooses to cross that line, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken to discourage that behavior in the future.

  1. Timeout

    • Timeout may seem like a punishment fit for only preschoolers, but it can be used effectively for elementary and middle school students as well. Timeout involves withdrawing all immediate privileges from the child, an action that serves as a reminder that bad behavior will result in him missing out on an activity he enjoys. Timeouts can take place during any activity or class. During a timeout, any student who goes against the rules clearly stated for him by the school can be excluded from that activity he is participating in.

    Parent Notification

    • A highly effective disciplinary action for elementary and middle school students is the possibility of parent notification. Warning a child that certain behaviors will earn her a call to her parents is a way to discourage those behaviors from ever taking place. No student wants to have her school notify her parents of the trouble she has caused. Parent notification can be done through sending a note home to be signed by the parent, or a phone call directly to the parent by the school itself.


    • For more serious offenses to a school's code of conduct, suspension may be an appropriate disciplinary measure. There are several different parts of school life that a student may be suspended from, and the school decides on the length of the suspension depending on the nature of the behavior. A student may be suspended from all of his classes, and/or any extracurricular activities that have any relevance to the school. Students may also be suspended from riding the school bus.

    Extra Work

    • An effective punishment for elementary and middle school students is assigning extra work for each time a student exhibits bad behavior. This could include extra chapter assignments or time spent cleaning erasers and chalkboards, sweeping the floor and other chore-like items around the classroom. This could also include a student having to write a set amount of lines from the dictionary or other book by hand, or writing a specific sentence regarding her bad behavior numerous times by hand.

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