What Is a Descriptive Paragraph?


A descriptive paragraph colorfully describes a person, place or thing. It allows you to imagine the way a person felt, heard or saw the object or location at a particular time regardless if the writer explains a real or imagined circumstance. Additionally, a descriptive paragraph gives readers a vivid image of a person, place or thing. This type of paragraph uses multiple sentences to convey a single clear image of a person, place or thing.


  • A group of sentences that cover a single topic is a paragraph. However, a descriptive paragraph will describe a particular situation. For example, a descriptive paragraph explains how a person looks or how a person may behave. This type of paragraph also can explain the way a place or object appears, behaves and the surrounding environment.

Types of Descriptions

  • You can describe anything in a descriptive paragraph. You can write descriptively in different approaches. A subjective description allows you to provide a personal account and can evoke emotions. An objective description usually uses neutral words, since they do not evoke emotions; this type of description generally provides information without adding feelings.

The Five Senses

  • When writing a descriptive paragraph try to use your five senses. Convey to your reader how something looks, feels, tastes, sounds and smells. For example, you may explain to your reader how your topic feels with words such as soft, rough or smooth. Words that can describe food may taste include salty, sweet, bitter or bland. Examples of words that can convey the manner an object smells may include rosy, fruity or burnt.

Use Transitional Words

  • Connect your sentences in in a descriptive paragraph with transitional words. This type of word allows you the ability organize and link your elements of the paragraph together. This also signals that the details in the paragraph proceed in a logical order. Examples of transitional words may include first, second, last or next.


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