What Is a Population Map?


A population map helps people understand the overall distribution of population of a particular area, such as a region, city or the entire world. Most maps denote the variation of population by color, while some population maps may use symbols such as stars or circles. Depending on the map manufacturer, population maps may include the bodies of water near the region and streets.

City Population Maps

  • City population maps focus on the amount of people in a particular city. This type of map displays the entire border of the city. Generally, city population maps display the variation of population in certain communities or neighborhoods in the city.

State Population Maps

  • State population maps show the variation of population in a particular states. This kind of map may show the most populated cities, counties or regions. A state population map helps people understand the population density of various areas within the state. Additionally, it can help students compare the difference in population of an area and display where most of the people may live in an area.

World Population Maps

  • A world population map allows people to see the difference in population across the world. It is ideal in comparing the population between different countries, regions or continents. Usually this type of map also depicts the oceans and distort the North and South Poles, where there is little in the way of population.

Country Population Maps

  • Another type of population map may focus on particular countries. Country population maps can compare the population of the various cities, states or regions through the country. This map can also helps people study and understand where people live or work in a particular country.


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