Tips on Getting to the Majors in "MLB: The Show" for the PS3

In the video game "MLB: The Show" for PlayStation 3, players are able to build their own character and have him play for their favorite professional teams. The character starts out in the minor leagues and has to fight his way to Major League Baseball, just like real players. Making it to the big leagues as soon as possible is the goal for players and there are a few tips to help make that happen.

  1. Team Selection

    • One of the quickest ways to make it to the Majors is to put your player the correct team. Many teams such as the Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies and Cardinals are packed with star players and will sign or trade for other players before bringing up prospects from the minor leagues. Select teams that have been traditionally weak and bring up players. In "MLB: The Show," teams such as the Indians and Pirates are typically able to bring players to the pro level faster.


    • Another key aspect when creating your player is to consider his position. A pitcher who is doing well is more likely to be brought up quickly than a position player. Also, consider the team that you have selected. Some teams have all-star caliber players at many positions. Do not select to play the same position as the all-star. For example, do not select the position of first base in the Phillies organization because Ryan Howard plays that position.


    • Just like in real life, a minor league player has to perform his way to the big leagues. If you are a starting pitcher, your player must throw lots of innings with a very good earned run average to be considered for a call up. Position players with strong batting averages, such as above .300, and good home run and runs batted in numbers, are most likely to be called up. Another area to take into consideration for hitters is working the pitcher. A player earns a reward for long at-bats in which he takes the stamina away from a pitcher. The big league club will notice.

    Be Patient

    • It is important to stay patient and not give up on your player if he is not called up to the Majors immediately. A well-performing minor league player may still take two full seasons in the minor leagues before getting a call up. Continue to build the player's attributes and stats while in the minor leagues. If your character gets hurt and spends a significant period of time on the disabled list during the first two seasons, give the player a bit more time to be called up before giving up on him and creating a new player.

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