Funding & Grants for Multicultural Churches

Multicultural churches are ones that include members from many cultures and ethnic groups rather than being confined to one group. Numerous funds and grants are available specifically to multicultural churches to help them with projects and promotions.

  1. Racial Ethnic Grant

    • The Racial Ethnic Grant is available to Presbyterian congregations within the bounds of the Synod of the Covenant. The source of the funds comes from funds given to the synod from missions each year. The grants are given once a year and are designed for congregations that demonstrate financial need. Congregations may apply for the grant a second time if need be.

    Synod New Covenant Grant

    • The Synod New Covenant Grant offers congregations, organizations and institutions up to $10,000. It is a one-time grant that is offered to congregations, organizations and institutions that are formally tied to the synod. They are designed to aid qualifying congregations, organizations and institutions with church transformation and development projects, multicultural and justice ministries and higher education ministries.

    CPI Grant

    • The CPI Grant provides aid to United Methodist local churches to help them further projects and developments. The projects and developments must be geared toward empowering racial and ethnic people as well as address social problems. The money must be used to promote the principles of the United Methodist Church.

    Church and Society Ethnic Local Church Grant

    • The Church and Society Ethnic Local Church Grant is designed to help ministries address social concerns like housing, employment, human rights, health care, the environment, education and racism. The primary purpose of the grants is to promote social justice. Eligible applicants must be affiliated with the United Methodist local church in some way. Priority is given to applicants who are part of a comprehensive plan of an annual conference.

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