Does Jewelry Insurance Cover a Fracture in a Diamond

You can insure your jewelry.
You can insure your jewelry. (Image: Hemera Technologies/ Images)

A diamond is one of the rarest and hardest materials on earth, but diamonds are still susceptible to fractures or cracks, especially if they have internal flaws. Diamonds can be very expensive, and jewelry pieces such as engagement rings can carry personal significance, which can make it worthwhile to insure them. Whether jewelry insurance will cover damage such as diamond fractures depends on the specific terms of the policy.

Jewelry Insurance Basics

Jewelry can be insured a few ways. A jewelry store may offer insurance on its products. It may also offer warranties or guaranties against quality issues that arise, which may entitle you to a refund or compensation if jewelry deteriorates or a diamond cracks. Another common way to insure jewelry is to add specific items to a homeowner's or renter's insurance policy. For example, if you buy a renter's insurance policy to protect the value of the possessions you keep in your apartment, you may be able to add your diamond jewelry by providing the insurance company with information about the value of specific pieces you own.

Damage to Jewelry

Insurance policies differs in the types of expenses and losses they cover. A jewelry insurance policy will typically cover losses due to theft or loss, but it may not cover physical damage such as fractures. In addition, a policy might only cover damage that comes about in specific ways. For example, an insurance policy might cover damage due to accidents but not intentional damage or natural deterioration.


The more jewelry is worth and the more types of losses that are protected, the more an insurance policy will tend to cost. Buying a policy that does not include coverage for damage from certain perils could save money, but you risk compensation for certain types of damage.


It is essential to read insurance agreements through before signing them and to be certain about the types of losses that are covered by a plan. Ask insurers if diamond fractures are covered by plans and under what circumstances.

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