What Are Some Combinations of Pets in "Wizard101"?


"Wizard 101" is a free to play online game. Players create a wizard avatar in a wizard school. They have pets they may buy or earn by doing quests or defeating foes in card duels. Pets may aid the wizard in future duels. Pets may also play mini-games and compete against each other in races. Hybrid pets are made by combining them with another wizard's pet at the pet pavilion.

Wraith Hybrids

  • A pet Wraith may be combined with a number of different pets to produce hybrids. Combine it with a Hydra to produce a Reaper. A Stormzilla and Wraith yields a Tempest. If you want an Archfiend, combine it with a Helaphant. Mixing it with a Collosus will give a Frost Lord. Get a Nightwalker by using an Orthrus. A Satyr and a Wraith makes a Ghast.

Satyr Hybrids.

  • A Satyr may be combined with A Hydra to get a Wanderer. Mixing it with a Stormzilla will result in a Storm Dancer. A Firewalker is made by combining it with a Helephant. Mate a Satyr with a Collosus to end up with a Frostcaller. Use an Orthrus with a it to produce a Traveller.

Orthrus Hybrids

  • Combining an Orthrus with a Hydra results in a Cerberus. Mixing it with a Stormzilla makes a

    Tempest Hound. Make an Inferno Hound by combining an Orthrus with a Helephant. An Orthrus and a Collosus make an IceHound.

Hydra Hybrids

  • A Hydra and Stormzilla combination brings a Leviathan. Combining a Hydra with a Collosus makes a Creeper. Mixing it with a Helaphant produces a Helion.

Scarecrow Hybrids

  • Scarecrow hybrids are level 58 combinations. Your pet must be at level 58 to do any of these combinations.Combining a Scarecrow with a Forest Lord makes a Crop Watcher. Mixing it with a Wyvern creates a Tundra Warden. Combine it with a Kraken to get a Storm Caller.

Forest Lord Hybrids

  • Forest Lords must also be at level 58 to complete these combinations. Mixed with a Humungofrog results in a Wendigo. Mixing it with a Phoenix makes an Inferno Beast. A Forest Lord and Kraken make a Cloud Beast.

Humungofrog Hybrids

  • Humungofrogs are another pet that needs to be at level 58 before combining with another pet. Mix it with a Phoenix to get a Flame Toad. Try combining it with a Wyvern to get a Frost Hopper.

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