Final Year Chemical Engineering Projects List

Chemical engineering students often work together in the laboratory.
Chemical engineering students often work together in the laboratory. (Image: Jack Hollingsworth/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Selecting your final year's chemical engineering project moves you one step closer to graduation. Choose an engineering project that answers an important question about how the next generation will survive and thrive. Think of a topic that was especially interesting to you -- a chapter in your text or a lab assignment you wanted to pursue in greater depth. Your project is the time to indulge in that interest.

Tsunami and Nuclear Power Issues

When crisis events occur regarding nuclear power plants due to natural disasters, scientists are left to seek out ways of making plants more secure against disasters and less likely to contaminate humans and the environment. Use your chemical engineering project to address a pressing issue about the future direction of nuclear power or whether it should have a future at all. Among the suggested titles for related projects on the website are titles such as "Radioactive Waste Management," "Chemical Oceanography" and "Comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment Report for Liquid Fuel Based Power Plant."

Free Project Reports

Perusing actual chemical engineering projects can give you inspiration for a project of your own design. Visit the Free Project Reports website (, and view a condensed description of the various projects. Click on those of interest, and you find an abbreviated introduction and an outline of the complete project. If you want, click again for the full project. Choose a project that aligns with a career you want after graduation. It will help at interview time.

Hands-on Projects

In the third and fourth years of the chemical engineering degree program at the University of Oxford, students do a hands-on project. A previous theme was "Medicines for the Next Generation." Other years' projects involved designing facilities for the production of bio-ethanol, a factory that makes PET polymer for plastic bottles and the process for producing hydrogen power for fuel-cell driven buses. Find more ideas you can use at the university's chemical engineering website ( The website recommends that you find solutions to some of the most urgent problems on Earth. Specifically, it recommends you explore topics such as clean water, disease, global warming and world famine.

Practical Tips

Consider which of these topics are gaining exposure in the news. Newsworthy topics may give you an advantage during interviews for your first job in the field. Discussing your choice of project indicates a true interest in that niche -- compelling information for the recruiter.

Verify whether textbooks and periodicals cover your proposed topic in adequate depth. Research citations give your chemical engineering project credibility. Use academic literature -- not journalistic literature -- states the Final Year Projects website (

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