Are Poodles Good With Children?

Standard poodles generally have consistent and gentle temperaments.
Standard poodles generally have consistent and gentle temperaments. (Image: fotojagodka/iStock/Getty Images)

Poodles can be good with children, although the pets' size can be a determining factor. Standard poodles typically do well with youngsters, for example, while toy and miniature poodles are often not as patient with them. Early-age socialization can sometimes make a difference, however.

Standard Poodles and Children

Standard poodles are generally excellent with children. They tend to be extremely loving with them, and they adore playing with them. Standard poodles even tend to look after little ones. Since they have larger bodies than both miniature and toy poodles, they usually are better suited to dealing with little toddlers tugging on them. Although standard poodles are usually extremely gentle, children should still be taught to approach them with respect. Teach kids to look for hints that animals display when they want to be left alone.

Toy Poodles and Children

If young kids live in your home, a toy poodle isn't ideal for you. Toy poodles have small bodies and are delicate in build. If a toddler is a little too aggressive when he hugs or carries a toy poodle, he could potentially harm the pet. Since toy poodles are so tiny, it doesn't take much to make them anxious, either. It's important to note that toddlers, small as they are, are large in comparison with toy poodles. When toy poodles are frightened, they occasionally defend themselves by biting. This is why toy poodles are a better fit for households with older kids. Older kids tend to be more careful with them.

Miniature Poodles and Children

Miniature poodles are smaller than standard poodles and larger than toy poodles. Miniature poodles, like toy poodles, generally aren't appropriate for households that have young children such as toddlers. This is because miniature poodles typically have easily agitated and nervous temperaments, similarly to those of toy poodles. When kids are rough with these poodles, they may react irritably and defensively. Smaller poodles who are socialized to be around children as puppies are often patient with kids, however.

Careful Monitoring

Kids and poodles can often experience happy and safe relationships. Poodles are often highly dedicated to the children in their lives. But children occasionally can mistreat animals. Mistreatment can make formerly gentle and unsuspecting poodles become scared and wary animals. This is why it's crucial for adult family members to always carefully monitor interactions between children and animals, regardless of the breed's size.

It's also important for people to consider poodles' basic temperaments before bringing them into their homes. They're sensitive animals who appreciate calm settings. Poodles sometimes get frustrated and stressed out when they live with boisterous children.

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