Is There an Outdoor Vacuum for Pine Needles?


Instead of raking up the excess pine needles around your mountain cabin, an outdoor vacuum might simplify the task. Not just any vacuum is appropriate for picking up pine needles due to the pine sap. Before trying one, determine where you intend to use the vacuum. While an outdoor vacuum might be ideal for sucking up those pine needles on your decking, it might choke at the thought of pine needles on the bare dirt.


  • Dayton's Indoor/Outdoor model 6H003B proclaims it can pick up pine needles, along with lawn clippings and leaves. It features a wide vacuum nozzle and 8-gallon collection bag. It includes an impeller which mulches the debris. While its stats claim it is ideal for the patio and garage, it makes no claims on picking up pine needles directly from the ground. The Indoor/Outdoor vacuum's power rating is 1.25 horsepower.


  • YardBright TurfVac Yard Vacuume is a vacuum cleaner is designed specifically for cleaning artificial turf. According to its advertisement, it will pick up pine needles, leaves and other debris. While some outdoor vacuums have a problem cleaning debris from artificial turf, the YardBright manufacturer claims its product is up to the task. It features a 22-inch wide intake and a 12,000 rpm motor. Not only can you use it on artificial turf, but the vacuum also works on garage floors, sidewalks and patio areas.

Cyclone Rake Power

  • A vacuum suitable for cleaning up the pine needles directly from the ground might be the Cyclone Rake Power Vacuum Pickup, which claims to pick up anything that isn't "hard-frozen to the ground." It picks up wet leaves, pine needles, acorns and pine cones. Instead of a vacuum motor that you push around the yard, a large hose connects to the motor body of the Cyclone Rake Power. It is the hose, as opposed to a vacuum handle, which you hold and direct to the debris. The vacuum's long hose has a 17-foot reach.


  • Instead of a vacuum that you push around the yard, or a hose that you hook up to the vacuum body, Black and Decker's LeafHog gives the consumer another option for cleaning up the pine needles. This handheld, portable garden tool is a three-in-one product. It blows, vacuums and mulches. According to its manufacturer, it will vacuum up grass clippings, twigs, pine needles and other debris. It includes a shoulder strap to help the user maneuver the Blower/Vac/Mulcher.

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