The Difference Between a Wall & a News Feed in Facebook


Although separate entities on Facebook, the Wall and the News Feed both play essential and often overlapping roles. Primarily, they have different scopes: The News Feed shows everything, whereas the Wall serves a more limited, specific purpose. The News Feed shows all actions from you, your friends, your groups, your events and the pages you like. Your Wall only shows your actions and others' actions that involve you directly.

Content of the Wall

  • Anything you do on Facebook shows up on your Wall. Status updates appear as full stories, but your other actions also appear as smaller mentions. If you comment on a status or picture, confirm a new friend, accomplish something in a game, use a new app, join a group, like a page, attend an event or change any personal information, it will show up on your Wall. Additionally, your Wall shows other people's actions that involve you directly. If a friend posts on your Wall, the post appears on your wall, as do any statuses, notes or pictures that tag you.

Content of the News Feed

  • The News Feed, on the other hand, shows everything from you, your friends and any other Facebook entity connected to you. This includes all status updates, Wall posts, notes, pictures, game activities, pages liked, links or videos posted, friends made, comments, quizzes, events created or attended, groups joined, tags and any other public Facebook activity -- everything except chatting, messaging, hidden stories and things limited by privacy settings.

Relationship Between Wall and News Feed

  • In a Venn diagram, your Wall would appear as a smaller circle located entirely inside the News Feed. Everything that happens on your Wall can potentially show up in your News Feed and in your friends' News Feeds, but your Wall shows only a portion of your News Feed. Privacy settings can limit what appears in others' News Feeds. For example, if you comment on a friend's status, it will appear in your mutual friends' News Feeds but not in your other friends' News Feeds, depending on your settings and their settings. Everything you post and do appears on your Wall, and most things you do and post appear in your friends' News Feeds. Things that other people post on your Wall or tag you in can also appear in your friends' feeds, except where limited by privacy settings.

Wall Control

  • You can control everything that happens on your Wall. If you post anything or if someone posts on your Wall, you can delete it. If a friend tags you, you can't delete the post from Facebook, but you can remove the story on your Wall and remove the link to you.

    If you conduct an action, you can delete your Wall's automatic post about it. For example, if you like a business page to receive a discount but don't want "Jane Smith likes Victoria's Secret" to show up on all your friends' News Feeds, you can remove that action from your Wall, which also hides it from the News Feed.

News Feed Control

  • You have limited control over the News Feed, but you can hide some things that you prefer not to see. You can choose whether your feed shows all stories or only the most popular ones, or only the ones from friends and pages you interact with frequently. You can also hide specific friends, pages or apps. Unlike deleting things on your Wall, hiding things on your News Feed will not remove them from Facebook -- you just won't see them in your personal News Feed.

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