Pomeranian Behavior

Pomeranians are very small, but they possess a loud bark.
Pomeranians are very small, but they possess a loud bark. (Image: Photodisc/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Pomeranian is one of the most unique dog breeds. Characterized by spunky, energetic, moody and animated behavior, pomeranians are extremely active. They are known to search out and explore any and all things that they find interesting, and they react with great emotion towards things that they do not like. Adverse to taking orders, the pomeranian is extremely bright and independent.


Pomeranians are typically very expressive and alert, which is a reflection of their perceptiveness (see Reference 1). They can pick up on the emotions of their owner very well, which leads them to mimic the feelings that they perceive in their owner. Whereas these factors contribute to their overall intelligence, they are also capable of disobeying their owners in creative ways, making them a difficult dog to train at times. They may also hide toys, food or themselves if they feel threatened or bored.

Social Interactions

A very social breed, pomeranians are generally very happy to interact with humans and other dogs. But Pomeranians must be trained in their first three months to socialize, otherwise they may feel threatened and uncomfortable around others . When they do feel threatened, they will yap and run away. They are particularly mindful of others, because they are so perceptive.

Strong Willed

Coinciding with their intelligence, pomeranians are very good at getting what they want, which can pose a problem for some owners. This type of behavior can result in danger to children or destructiveness. Pomeranians typically require a strong owner who can firmly guide their strong willed behavior. They may also act jealous of children or other pets, which can result in aggression towards others. In general, if they receive enough attention, then they do not exhibit jealous behavior.

Unique Habits

One odd characteristic of pomeranians is that they eat feces. This can be reflective of poor nutrition or a previous habit, but it can easily be curbed by scooping up their poop immediately after they go. Another odd habit of pomeranians is their ability to immediately respond to doorbells and phone calls. They learn to see these as signs of guests, and their attentiveness leads them to bark when they hear ringing.

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