Antitrust Lawyer Salary

Antitrust lawyers may work for one or several clients, although not if there is a conflict of interest.
Antitrust lawyers may work for one or several clients, although not if there is a conflict of interest. (Image: Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

Antitrust lawyers are not, as the name may suggest, involved with cases of marital infidelity. They work for companies – and also government agencies – to ensure that national and international regulations do not compromise the competitiveness of organizations in the marketplace. Salary levels for the role are comparable to those for other types of lawyers.

Average Salary

For the purposes of its survey of national employment trends -- carried out in May 2010 -- the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics classified antitrust lawyers alongside their colleagues working in other areas of the legal profession, such as criminal or civil lawyers. It reported that the mean annual salary across the category was $129,440. This translates into an hourly rate of $62.23 and a monthly income of $10,787.

Other Sources

Figures from other wage comparison bodies for antitrust lawyers specifically roughly correspond with the bureau's general report. At the time of publication, Simply Hired put the average salary for an antitrust layer working in the United States at $119,000, while put it slightly lower, at $108,000.

Salary by Geography

Wage analysis website Salary Expert surveyed pay rates in certain major U.S. cities for lawyers working in industry -- the area in which antitrust lawyers operate. At the time of writing, salary levels were highest in New York City and Los Angeles, averaging $140,713 and $131,388, respectively. Rates were similar between Dallas and Atlanta -- $125,357 and $124,341, respectively -- while Orlando was listed at just $94,231. The bureau reported that the area in which lawyers were likely to earn the highest wages was the District of Columbia, which offered a mean of $162,830. Delaware and New York state had comparable means -- $151,750 and $150,510, respectively -- while, in contrast, Florida was reported at $118,040.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the job market for lawyers of all types to grow by 13 percent over the decade from 2008 to 2018, in response to the increased demand for legal services brought about by an expanding population. For antitrust lawyers, growth will be spurred by the continuing interaction between national, international and local trade bodies, although it may be tempered somewhat by the increased propensity for companies to use paralegal or accounting services to undertake some of the tasks previously performed by lawyers. However, salary levels for the profession should remain competitive.

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