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Staring at remote controls with 30 different buttons and trying to figure out which one to use to navigate through multiple DVD menus can turn movie-watching into a daunting task. DVDs come equipped with various menus designed to navigate through the different features found on the disc. The title and chapter menus are two of the principle menus on all DVDs.

About DVDs

  • Contained within a DVD disc are three main categories of data --- the video, audio and subpicture streams. Each category performs an individual function on the DVD. The video data provides the visual images in the DVD. The audio data is everything audible on the DVD, which can contain up to eight different tracks, such as separate tracks for different languages. The subpicture streams are pictures that overlay the video display. Captions, for example, are a form of subpicture data.

Title Menu

  • The title menu is the first menu that is displayed on a screen. It contains a high-level overview of the contents of the DVD. A DVD can contain up to 99 different titles. Every DVD contains different titles, because the individual DVD author decides how she wants to divide her DVD. Movie DVDs often contain trailers, deleted scenes or special features as separate titles on the title menu. You can usually access the title menu by pressing the "Title" or "Title Menu" button on your DVD player's remote control.

Chapter Menu

  • The chapter menu is generally accessible from the title menu of a DVD. Chapters are individual scenes within the movie. Depending on the length of the film, DVDs can contain as many as 999 different chapters. Selecting a specific chapter from the chapter menu allows you to jump to an exact scene in the movie. You can usually navigate through the chapter menu using the navigation arrows on your DVD player's remote control or using the controls on the DVD player. Unlike the title menu, the chapter menu is specific to the scenes in a movie.

Other DVD Menus

  • DVDs are also equipped with root menus. A root menu is a menu for specific titles. For example, if you select the Languages feature from the title menu, the DVD takes you to the root menu for the Languages title, where you can select which language audio track to wish to listen to. Some DVDs also contain other submenus, or root menus, that allow you to control the camera angle of the movie or the language of the captions at the bottom of the screen.

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