Ideas for Business Attire

Like it or not, people judge you by how you dress. Dressing for success can help you get a job and may help you get promoted. Work attire varies dramatically from company to company. Gauge appropriate dress by mirroring the wardrobes of the higher-ups in your company. If your boss wears a suit jacket to work every day, then you probably should too.

  1. Women

    • Women can wear a blazer, along with slacks or a skirt that hits no higher than 1 inch above the knee. Black, brown, gray and red are all acceptable colors for business suits. Inside the blazer, women can wear a blouse or a shell, which is a shirt made of cotton or silk that has no sleeves. If you don't wear a blazer, wear a nice blouse, but make sure it has sleeves. Consider tucking it in.


    • Men should wear suits in black, brown, navy or gray, along with a silk tie. When choosing a tie, choose simple, pinstripe patterns or one with a solid color. Good options for shirt colors include white, blue or cream. Make sure your dress shoes are shined and that they match your suit. Be sure to tuck your shirt in, especially if you remove your suit jacket. If you really want to dress up, try wearing cuff links.


    • Accessories should be demure. Think pearls, small diamonds or delicate gold or silver jewelry. Belts should be in classic colors, such as brown or black. For footwear, choose low-heeled, closed-toe shoes that match your outfit. A nice watch is suitable to wear. Avoid wearing plastic, digital watches. Instead, opt for a watch in gold, silver or platinum. No matter where you work, groom your hair, iron your clothes and don't reveal too much skin. Also avoid excessively tight clothes.

    Business Casual Dress

    • Even if you're dressing casually for work, try to maintain a professional appearance. Men might wear khakis and a button-down or polo shirt, but can introduce patterns into their shirt choices. Women can wear skirts with fun patterns or more brightly-colored clothes. Feel free to wear purple, orange or patterned fabrics. Women can also wear sweaters or cardigans instead of blouses.

      In very casual environments, you may be able to wear jeans. Take cues from the higher ups to see if this is permissible. If you wear jeans, choose ones with a dark rinse and make sure they have no holes.

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