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While the Ustream chat may seem like proprietary software, the chat system is actually just a Flash client that connects to a standard IRC, Internet Relay Chat, server. IRC is one of the oldest chat protocols used on the Internet and is still widely used in the tech community. All of the chat commands that work on IRC work under Ustream chat as well, only the Flash client filters out many of the responses sent back by the server.

Basic Commands

  • Two of the most common commands in IRC are the /me and /msg commands. The /me command, sometimes used as /emote, is used to show an action. The server will actually parse the message differently so that it appears as an action, written in the third person. The /msg command sends a direct, private message to another user.

Channel Control

  • If you have used IRC before, you may wonder why the Flash client does not recognize many of the commands you are used to. The reason for this is that channel control is rather simplified by the IRC server and many of the commands you are familiar with are actually common macros used by IRC clients. The /kick command is one of the few universal commands that the Ustream IRC servers will recognize. You must specify a channel name along with a user name for the /kick command to work.

User Management

  • Like with regular IRC, you can type "/nick" followed by a new nick name to change your displayed alias. Additionally, the "/mode" command followed by a channel parameter and a user name will change a user's status. For instance, the "+o" operator makes a user a channel administrator or op while "+b" will ban the user permanently from the channel.

Flash-Client Only Commands

  • The Flash client parses out many commands, so they have to be done using the Ustream Flash client commands that are prefixed with an exclamation point. To change a Ustream chat's topic, type "!topic" followed by the topic for your chat. Additional commands include "!clear" which clears the channel text and "!911" which clears the chat in case of a spammer. To see a full list, examine the "Advanced" tab in the Flash client.

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