Salary of a Strategic Communications Career


Strategic communications jobs involve applying skilled communication to protect or enhance an organization's image. You might write speeches, develop press releases, provide information to the media or plan events for a client or employer. Salaries for strategic communications workers depend on the specific pathway chosen, as well as the state where the worker is employed.

Public Relations Specialists

  • Public relations specialists, also called media specialists or communications specialists, build positive relationships with the public. Businesses, hospitals, nonprofit organizations and universities are some sectors that employ public relations specialists. Specialists may advise organizations on communications strategy and policy.

    Public relations specialists made a mean $59,150 salary in 2010, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The lowest 10 percent made a mean $30,560, while the top 10 percent made $95,200. Specialists working in advertising, public relations and related sectors made $69,700. Workers managing companies and enterprises made $62,630. Business, professional, labor, political organizations paid public relations specialists $59,770. Workers in local governments made $56,050. Colleges, universities and professional schools paid public relations specialists $53,510.

Public Relations Managers

  • Public relations managers direct programs that enhance the public image of an employer or client. They may write press releases, sponsor corporate events or clarify a company's point of view for constituents. They keep up with political, economical and social trends, and make recommendations to enhance the firm's image based on the trends.

    Public relations managers made a mean annual $104,390 salary in 2010. The lowest 10 percent made a mean $49,720, while the top 10 percent made $128,470. Advertising, public relations and related agencies paid managers the most of any industry, offering $133,140. Company and enterprise managers made $118,870. Workers in business, professional, labor and political organizations made $105,510. Colleges, universities and professional schools offered managers $93,590, while local governments offered $81,410.

Advertising and Promotions Managers

  • Advertising managers work with staff to generate ideas for advertising campaigns. Promotions managers direct programs that combine advertising with purchase incentives like coupons, rebates, contests and samples. Advertisements appear online, inside newspapers, on in-store displays and through other mediums.

    Advertising and promotions managers earned a mean annual $98,720 in 2010. The lowest 10 percent earned a mean $41,480, while the top 10 percent earned $122,570. Advertising, public relations and related organizations paid managers $121,560. Companies and enterprises paid workers $103,460. Business, professional, labor and political organizations offered advertising and promotions managers $99,680. Newspaper, periodical, book and directory publishers offered a $93,120 salary. Radio and television broadcasting entities offered $92,510.

Top-Paying States

  • Public relations specialists earned the most in Washington, D.C., taking home a mean $82,540 salary in 2010. They earned $69,410 in New York, the second highest-paying state. Public relations managers earned the most in New York, taking home a $139,550 salary. Delaware was the second most lucrative state for public relations managers -- they took home a salary of $136,530. Advertising and promotions managers found the biggest pay in New York, which paid a $142,300 salary. New Jersey followed with $125,920.

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