Ice Cream Stick Art


Ice cream sticks are a common item in kid's arts and crafts projects. These sticks are inexpensive and easy to find at local craft stores. Children enjoy the process of creating art and displaying it. Door hangers, refrigerator art and picture frame crafts are simple projects that will put your child's artwork on display.

Decorative Door Hanger

  • You will need the following items to complete this project: five jumbo ice cream sticks, two regular-sized ice cream sticks, ribbon, scissors, acrylic paint, a paintbrush, acrylic sealer spray, craft glue, foam sticker letters and flowers and wax paper. Lay the jumbo sticks in a row on wax paper. Glue together along the seams. Lay one regular-size stick across the top of the row and one across the bottom. Glue in place. Allow to dry. Turn over and paint. Allow to dry before spraying with acrylic sealer. Cut a ribbon to 24 inches long. Tie the ends into knots. Glue each knot to the upper corners of the unpainted side of the sticks. Decorate the painted side with letters and flowers. Hang on your door.

Craft Stick Sunburst

  • You will need the following items to complete this project: ice cream or craft sticks, craft paint, scissors, card stock or poster board and beads. Use scissors to cut circles and scalloped circles out of card stock. Take a large, scalloped circle and glue the end of a craft stick to the center. Repeat until you have formed a sunburst shape. Paint the craft sticks in a desired color. Paint additional circles and glue to the sunburst to decorate. Add beads, if desired.

Heart Angels

  • You will need the following items to complete this angel craft: construction paper, magnet backing, craft glue, yarn, scissors, markers and ice cream sticks. Cut a heart shape out of construction paper. Cut two smaller hearts out of a different color of construction paper. Cut out a small circle from another color of construction paper. Take an ice cream stick and break it in half. Turn the large heart upside down. This will be the angel's body. Glue the two sections of stick on the body to make the arms. Glue two sticks at the bottom to make the legs. Glue the two small hearts onto the body on top of the arms to create wings, so that when turned over, the tops of the wings are visible. Glue a circle on the top to make a head. Glue small pieces of yarn to the top of the head. Use markers to draw facial features. Apply magnetic backing to the back so that the angel can be hung on the refrigerator.

Magnet Frame

  • You will need the following items to complete this project: eight craft sticks, markers, craft glue, scissors, a pencil, cardboard, a flat magnet, stickers and a photograph. Place the photograph on a flat surface. Place two craft sticks side by side on each side of the picture. The edges of the photograph need to be concealed by the sticks. Glue the sticks together in this shape. Allow to dry. Place the photograph on cardboard and trace around it. Trim the cardboard to be slightly larger than the outline. Glue the photograph to the center of the cardboard. Decorate the frame with markers and stickers. Glue the magnet to the back of the cardboard, then glue the picture into the frame. Hang up the picture.

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