What Are the Benefits of Ace Bandage Body Wraps?

Wrap parts of the body in Ace bandages for some possible health benefits.
Wrap parts of the body in Ace bandages for some possible health benefits. (Image: Hemera Technologies/PhotoObjects.net/Getty Images)

Modern body wraps are intended to promote benefits like inch loss and detoxification through the placement of warmed combinations of algae, seaweed and mud on the body. The original version of these body wraps used Ace bandages as opposed to more natural elements. Some spas and specialty centers still offer these bandage body wraps; the wrap treatment can have many benefits for a person who tries it. Body wraps with Ace bandages are done by wrapping the arms, neck, legs and torso with warm and moist Ace elastic bandages.

Temporary Inch Loss

Most users of the Ace bandage body wraps experience a loss of inches around the waist. This inch loss is only temporary, but can be beneficial if the user is trying to fit into a certain outfit or jump-start a diet. The body wraps are supposed to draw toxins from the skin, which causes weight loss, resulting in a smaller waist. Most bandage wraps intended for inch loss are soaked in a mixture of minerals, electrolytes and water before application. Stephanie Allmon of The Seattle Times documented losing over 10 inches from her waist after having an Ace bandage body wrap.


The body wrap is supposed to detox the body from harmful toxins caused by various foods, caffeine drinks and a person's environment; however, there are no affirmed studies that confirm what some spas claim, which is that the body wrap can cure certain illnesses and deficiencies. Despite this, there are certain toxins that are removed with the body wrap, which is a benefit to the person receiving the wrap.

Aesthetic Benefits

An Ace bandage body wrap softens, and in some cases, tightens the skin. While there is no empirical data to prove that body wraps remove cellulite, there are many instances where body wrap users claim to experience a tightening of the skin. This can be aesthetically pleasing to many who use the Ace bandage body wrap. The soaking of the wrap in natural herbs and minerals causes a softening of the skin, which feels good to the touch and can help eliminate some blemishes.

Body Wraps and Dogs

In addition to providing some advantages for humans, an Ace bandage body wrap has some benefits for dogs, too. Canine University claims that having a dog wear a customized body wrap for an hour at a time can have a calming effect on the animal. The wrap supposedly also helps dogs become more aware the body, as most dogs are generally unaware of the back part of their bodies. This can result in a clumsy pet, but using a body wrap can help with a dog's sense of awareness, which can decrease clumsiness. The wrap can also calm dogs during thunderstorms, or other nerve-wracking events.

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