Are Pomeranians Good With Kids?


Although Pomeranians are often excellent companion dogs, they're usually not suitable for households with young children. If a child scares or teases a Pomeranian, for example, the small dog might react by defending himself, posing a potential danger to the youngster. Exuberant children can accidentally injure these delicate animals.

Defensive Behavior

Toddlers are often too young to have an awareness of the respect that Pomeranians command. If a toddler snatches a Pomeranian's treat or toy, the tiny Pom could bite or snap in defense. Poms can be highly possessive of their belongings. Pomeranians may fear bite when children pull on their fur or treat them too roughly. These dogs often respond aggressively to situations they perceive to be threatening.

Young children who are loud can scare a Pom. Pomeranians aren't used to sudden movements that often characterize children's play styles, and they're often frightened of them. When Pomeranians are distressed, they sometimes cope by hiding and refusing to come out.

Delicate and Fragile Animals

Children can be hazardous to Pomeranians, particularly if they're boisterous. Since these dogs are so tiny and fragile, it doesn't take much to injure them. If a young child unintentionally falls on, steps on or drops a Pomeranian, she could seriously injure the animal, even if he's a mature adult. If he's a small puppy, an injury from a fall could be fatal.

Socialization and Guidance

Not all Pomeranians are a bad fit for households with children. When these dogs receive socialization and exposure to children while they are young, they often do well together. Even so, it's crucial for owners to carefully monitor interactions between children and Pomeranians. It's also possible for kids to be taught to be respectful and gentle around Pomeranians. This is a process that calls for ample effort and time, however. Adults must each teach children that it's never acceptable to chase, tug or block off Poms.

Note that Pomeranians generally can be good matches for households with children 12 years and older.

Desire for Attention

These little dogs aren't the greatest matches with young children for yet another major reason: their strong desire for attention from humans. Since Pomeranians thrive on ample attention, they often feel frustrated by children who seemingly take it away from them. It isn't uncommon for Pomeranians to growl and bark when they're around kids.


  • Breeders often avoid adopting Pomeranians to households with children younger than 12. They're occasionally willing to adopt Pomeranians to families who have responsible older kids, but only in the event that the parents agree to closely monitor their time together.

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