Problems With Dorm Life


College is a time to learn new things, grow as a person, make new friends and, for many, it is a chance to explore the world on your own for the first time. Deciding whether to commute, move into a college dormitory or live in an apartment can be difficult. While there are advantages to living in dorms, it can also be a challenge for other reasons.

Bad Roommates

  • One of the biggest potential problems with dorm life is having bad roommates. A bad roommate can be someone who stays up late when you want to go to bed early, has too many friends over or does not pick up after herself. It can be someone you just do not get along with for whatever reason. Although many college roommates get along well and end up being friends, the random selection process colleges use to assign roommates leaves the door open for you to end up with a bad roommate.

Coed Living

  • Many people prefer coed dorm life because they can meet new friends of both sexes. However, some people find this an uncomfortable situation. Living in a coed dorm means you might see members of the opposite sex in a bath towel on occasion. Some females feel unsafe or vulnerable if they are living in close quarters with men. Shy, modest or self-conscious people could be intimidated by living so closely with members of the opposite sex.

Limited Dining Options

  • Dormitories generally require students to buy a meal plan as part of their fees for room and board. Meal plans allow for a certain number of meals per day or week that you can "purchase" with a prepaid card at your dormitory. Eating tacos every Tuesday might be fun for a few weeks, but eventually you grow tired of eating the same foods or being limited to mostly healthy meal options. If you decide to eat out or not to eat at all, you end up paying extra for the foods you did not eat as part of your meal plan.

No Privacy

  • Dorm rooms are notoriously small and, aside from your bed and perhaps a small desk, you probably will share every inch of your room with someone else. You have to share your living areas, bathroom and washing machines, as well as eat in large dining halls. Finding quiet places to be alone to study is a challenge. You might be uncomfortable if your roommate has overnight guests. You will also reside on a floor with plenty of other people who could be noisy, cause drama, take extremely long showers or constantly occupy the communal living spaces.

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