Kids' Projects with Umbrellas

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Umbrellas can be turned in to unique crafts.

An umbrella can be used as the basis for kid friendly crafts that help keep children busy and entertained. Some projects require more skill and adult supervision, but using an actual umbrella to create something else helps kids learn how to recycle and reuse items to make new things. Umbrella crafts fit in well with indoor activities when it is raining outside.

  1. Umbrella Centerpiece

    • Use a favorite kid-sized decorated or theme umbrella that is smaller in size compared to an adult version as the focal point of a springtime centerpiece. Open the umbrella and place the handle or hook in a metal bucket that has been filled with sand. Have kids cut out and decorate rain themed objects, such as rain drops, rainbows, clouds or lightening bolts, to hang from the open umbrella.

    Umbrella Mobile

    • Another umbrella craft that uses an actual umbrella is a mobile. Make this craft to celebrate springtime or even the rainy season. Use an umbrella with a curved handle for this project. Open the umbrella and wind around the top of the umbrella string or wire, making sure you put a loop at the end so the umbrella can be hung from the ceiling. Tape or glue to the underside of the open umbrella string or ribbon and attach cut outs in the shape of smaller umbrellas that kids can decorate.

    Umbrella Planter

    • An upside down umbrella, especially one that is tall and deep, can be used as a planter to hold flowers. This craft requires adult supervision as you will need to shovel some dirt out of the ground. Dig a hole large enough to place the top of the umbrella in, so that the umbrella rests inside the hole to provide stability. Add dirt to the inside of the open umbrella and let kids plants flowers in the dirt. You can even let kids paint the handle or tie strings and ribbons to the handle to make the planter more unique.

    Create Your Own Umbrella

    • You can let kids express their individualism and creativity by letting them decorate their own umbrella. Using plain umbrellas, preferable in solid light colors, kids can craft away using fabric pens. You can buy fabric pens at a craft store in various colors. You can add extra touches of your choose, such as using a hot glue gun to add embellishments such as rhinestones, buttons or beads.

    Bird Feeder

    • Using a plain umbrella and some fabric paint or markers, allow kids to decorate the outside of the umbrella with bird theme items and objects. Kids can use designs such as birdhouses, birdbaths, various types or birds and even feathers all around the umbrella. Turn the umbrella in to a ground stake bird feeder by cutting the handle three-fourths of the way down so you have a long stake. Drill a hole through a clay or ceramic plate. Push the umbrella handle through the plate and push the cut handle in to the ground. Bird seed can be placed on the plate, and the open umbrella will keep the seeds dry.

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