Kinds of Bee Pollen

Some proponents of bee pollen have gone as far as to call it a super food for the health benefits they claim it provides. According to the Natural Health Research Institute, bee pollen contains amino acids and B complex vitamins, making it a great health supplement. Others claim bee pollen can help with weight loss.

  1. Raw Bee Pollen

    • Of all forms of bee pollen, the raw form contains the most nutrients. When shopping for raw bee pollen, look for bottles or bags of bee pollen you can see through. You should be able to see the actual granules. Determine how the bee pollen was dried. Freeze-dried bee pollen is the best way to go. Keep raw bee pollen refrigerated to maintain its moisture and freshness.

    Royal Jelly

    • Royal jelly, also referred to as bee nectar, is what keeps the hive and bees thriving. Alternative health advocates claim that royal jelly provides a nice boost of energy. Seek royal jelly that is fresh. Processing can deplete some of its nutrients. Royal jelly that has undergone heat processing should be avoided, if possible, as this removes most of the beneficial nutrients.


    • Honey is an excellent way to reap the benefits of bee pollen. Purchase honey that is raw and local. Honey can be used in place of sugar for sweetening drinks. According to Natural News, the body handles honey better than other sweeteners. Do not heat honey in the microwave if it crystallizes. Simply soak the closed jar in hot water for 15 minutes to bring it back to its liquid state.


    • Taking bee pollen in capsule form may be the way to go for people who don't like the taste of raw bee pollen. Unfortunately, many bee pollen products in the United States are imported, making it more difficult to assess their quality.

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